"Purple Rain" – Prince – Meanspeed-Carlton/Full-Obama Tempo Analysis and application with Contiguous Calibrations, Charts, Tempo Maps

Purple Rain, is the title track from the autobiographical album and Motion Picture of the same name. All songs, all instruments, all arrangements, all production, engineering: written and performed by Prince, an accomplishment that can only be compared to that of a Stevie Wonder wherein SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE remains, to the staff at Meanspeed® Music, the single greatest accomplishment by one person playing all instruments on every track production. Hey, everyone, as most offices, we take our “loud music and have donuts and coffee and dance” breaks. Listening to an England Dan and John Ford Coley song 15 times without a break makes one as temporarily crazy as the concept.

n keeping with Meanspeed® Music’s method at least EIGHT trials to average, the results are going to be +/- 00.0167% beats per minute, rather +/- 1.50 beats per minute as one could vouch for with only 7 trials. The *eighth* trial is vital, and we are talking about music that stand tests of time with ease. Prince stole the entire Super Bowl last year – 25 years after his first fame – still amazing listeners from every background, as Prince’s timeless music boldly defies the brainless class of “genre.

Most of the talk after the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League, Mr. Peyton Manning (no relation to James C.C. Manning) – or even that of a Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne or Coach Dungy -or, just ‘Tony’- the coach with so much heart that his players never leave an *ounce* of energy on the field after every practice and game. Patriots are undefeated? Not until they must face Peyton Manning, and all this hype of about some quarterback best known for bringing children into the world out of matrimony will be dust. Mark these words: just as there is Purple Rain, the righteousness of the Indianapolis Colts will pour down on the bobasticity-itude of Bill “Madonna” Belichick like Walking Tall-esque kick in the face the Colts will deliver to the Patriots
Boston is the most overrated, segregated by race, academia status, money and, of course , how many degrees of separation one has been or has been the victim of the behavior of the “Kennedy’s”, lily white favored city in the “north-east” part of the United States – truly, as a full New Jersey company now, Meanspeed®

Meanspeed Tempo Graph - OBAMA MAKES HISTORY NO LYRICS NO MP3 bpm graph
Meanspeed Tempo Graph – OBAMA MAKES HISTORY NO LYRICS NO MP3 bpm graph

Music reflects the values of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rockville, Maryland and New York, New York – NOT the fake limousine-liberal, racist to the genome, smile-in-your-face-laugh-behind-your-back element of The Vineyard, Newport, or Manhattan values. We live near Bruce Springsteen’s Atlantic Ocean, not Teddy “I dove and I dove and I dove” in an Island of Massachusetts Kennedy.

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“Purple Rain” is a shocker: in 1983 almost every musician, including multi-Grammy Award™ drummer, composer and singer Phil Collins, was relying almost entirely on drum machines with neat and perfectly measured spaces and BOOMING backbeats, click tracks, and metronome tracks, Prince plays this one live, directly from the spirit. On Purple Rain, not only is Prince drumming HIMSELF (“nice!” – a New Jersey invented phrase), he is performing in such very skilful manner as that it sounds every bit as “in tempo” as a machine. Such playing is, to me, truly a sign of the “musical genius,” as many have called Prince over decades. I would jump on that bandwagon: anyone who can compose, sing and play the instruments as that of a Prince is a musical genius, period. The only people alive that come close to this level of talent is of Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, Sting, Lyle Mays and Stewart Copeland and Madonna.

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