FRANK SINATRA SMOOTH: “When I was seventeen, it was a very good year!” – IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR – speed=71.8 bpm, the speed of grace. Full Obama-Tempo Analysis, meanspeed charts, classic YouTube performances

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bpm graph - complete, consecutive, contiguous - meanspeed music school.
bpm graph - complete, consecutive, socntiguous - meanspeed music school.

Does Tempo Indicate That Which We Emote?

Frank Sinatra’s ultra-classic It Was A Very Good Year was written in the hard, gloomy, haunted key of D minor, and juxtaposed with the most graceful of all speeds. The result is a masterpiece, spanning the generational divide between when my grandfather jack was born in Hoboken, almost 108 years ago, and this morning, where an excellent CNN video montage featured the “Best of 2007” with Frank’s song in the background.

Although the average and the mean speed of this song lies in the speed territory range of Grace, we see each emotion. categories of emotion within a speed territory have been called “mean emotions.” We have found that on a consistently excellent basis the song found with an average tempo between 70-76 beats per minute emote grace.

From Ian Schneider, Esq.

What could be more graceful than that of a Chairman, going through nearly every speed (no drum machine for Frank, baby!): sublime, melodramatic, sincere, ceremonial, graceful, bittersweet, lonely and renewal.

Then again, what would one expect from that of a late Frank Sinatra, singing about the entirety of his life? The emotion is all over the place, but sum it up or find the mean, and here: Pure Grace of Frank.

The charts are mean speed of 13 takes—and because of the orchestra, the syncopations, Frank’s unique rapport with his orchestra: no doubt the most difficult song I’ve ever calibrated.