Meanspeed® Music Summer School Opens with Heart’s "ALONE" – The Embodied Speed of Renewal. Videos, calibrations, bpm graphs that are designed to *comfort us all through the longest war*

“Alone” is a song composed by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. American rock band Heart made it a hit in 1987.

Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 1
Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 1

The song was given to Heart and released as the first single from their ninth studio album Bad Animals. Heart’s version is a power ballad which begins with a piano line and a subdued vocal from Ann Wilson, only to build to a dramatic love song. “Alone” is Heart’s biggest hit, spending three weeks at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and ranking number 2 on the Billboard Year-End Top Pop Singles of 1987. It is also their most successful single in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Paula Abdul was choreographer for the video.

Meanspeed-Spencer-Carlton-Mahnning Speed Summary
mean speed /average expected tempo=87.6 bpm

emotional concept predicted by the meanspeed music school’s Newman Tempo Scale™=Renewal/Rebirth/Homecoming/Rehabilitated
emotional concept, actual song=to me, it sounds a lot like the women from HEART are nicely refreshed and psyched. Not as confident as the 90-97 bpm rage of psyched, but hopeful indeed.

Many people write to me and ask: “Hey you: why do you keep writing the same stuff over and over using different examples?”

Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music laur

Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music laur

Fair enough question indeed. The answer: people, me included, hate change in routine, especially in a complex second language as music is. So the OLD RIAA has-beens want nothing to do with the theory: they blew their chance at using it, because, simply, at the time a James Taylor or Sir Paul McCartney were composing and recording, they didn’t have this massive advantage: tempo awareness. Kids and DJs who use it? Why give up their best trick secret? I know I wouldn’t.
Still, why do I bother? Answer: the country is at a crossroads economically and geopolitically. Learning meanspeed music theory is just FREE POWER. It is also the power to KEEP YOURSELF FROM music behavioral conditioning. And, like, no one has any money, but we do have our music!
So keep your money, your passwords, your usernames, your mom’s maiden name to yourself. Throw a =me a question, and opinion, a request to explain the tempo of a song: I will do it to the best degree I can with my somewhat expanded staff during the summer school weeks.

ALONE by Heart, frankly, would not mean much to me if I did not know that as you can see by the tempo graphics seen here: a drum machine was used to record the song that has virtually no slope of acceleration or deceleration. YET, this very fact is what makes the song so hot! During the peak of the song, at measure 44 when the singer comes bck in with the guitar and the notes are blended into a fat ONE the beat “two and,” subsequently released on the following one, measure 44, that is a great tease. Why? Three extra bars of build up before the chorus. And what makes the buildup so sexy? The illusion in sound that the song is speeding uo, where in fact the Wilson Sisters are fantastically great at riding the beat and the click, creating acceleration in the same way a water-skier does riding on the back of a boat going at a relentless speed of about 33 mph. With the knowledge that the 33 mph is always there, we see jumps, tricks and all forms of athletic skills from water-skiers. Drive a boat for a skier and mess up the speed?

Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music hoff
Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music hoff

That skier is like to return to the boat throwing something at the driver (I’m talking to you, George Parks!), shouting what the %^$*^%& are you doing? Same as jumping rope. Same as walking on a relentless treadmill. And as some of you, as I woudn’t – well maybe a little I might know], that relentless motion in sex can be the best turn on – not that music and sex have ever been related (that was a joke). Someone said, “If I’m having a rough day, and I want to get together with my husband after work, I want it so steady, so I can just know when to ‘get into it.’ You might be saying, sure dude, but what is new about what you are saying? Well, look at the meanspeed® music theory, neatly outlined on the Newman scale on the right column. If you know, as Lennon and Sir Paul Macca wrote, what the “MUSIC PLAYING IN YOUR HEAD” (Lady Madonna, The Beatles) is saying with speed, all social power shifts to you. You have a fearful WE WILL ROCK YOU in your head, for example, before an interview. well, my friend, 82 beats a minute is the ultimate predictor of a song full of desperate whining loneliness, as the Freddie Mercury gay-yet-going strong in “straight” American ballparks of every kind. It os an intimidation sing for the home team, to say to the visitors: WE DON’T WANT YOU HEAR.

Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 6
Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 6

If you spend some time looking at the pages here, you might find out why this form of speed calibration was granted a registered trademark and service-mark, meanspeed® or mean speed® as same applied to speed surveying, as we have seen lately quite critical in airplanes and trains – but face it: once you’re buckled-in, you have no control. Conversely, if you learn YOUR OWN FAVORITE MUSIC and MAKE YOUR OWN workout “playlists”and stop listening to the charlatans and clowns out there who say, you’ll never prove me wrong, so BUY x program and spin-bike at THIS speed because it JUST WORKS. Wrong, “On so many levels,” as my wife N says.
Lyle Mays’s CLOSE TO HOME is my favorite “end of the workout song” – I know the speed, but I’d recommend it to no one – you have the power, I’m giving you all the knowledge for free during the war so WE can be calm in the face of men that quite clearly passed Disgusting Madness centuries ago.

Me? I know when Genesis ends SUPPER’S READY, the live version on Seconds Out, the surreal speed that inspires awe of 47 bpm will be played in excellent relative tempo by Chester Thompson.

And seriously – I do read mail. I don’t get much – as per the reasons listed above. So said, a man named SH or RC or KH who have been featured on have gotten more than they wanted from me. I encourage you to print these sheet out, put them up for a day or a month near you r sink or toilet, heck, even your shower, let it go, pick another song. As for the Angel Investors backing this mission of goodness, ease, calm & mercy: they insist on anonymity. Why? Because if my theory is right, well, extrapolate – it’s going to be in everyone’s head in ten years. If it is wrong – folly and fool and pipe-dreamer don’t begin to describe the faith that I have in its value as a psychological aid.

Want a good test? If you like this, wake to it – heck, listen to it 4 times. Now, take your iPhone or BB or Verizon or Palm or whatever, take one of a thousand FREE, vibrating, silent metronomes and get your mid down from 87 3/5 bpm to 44 bpm. Watch everyone mover in slow motion as you have the best day you’ve had in years. Not for everyone (!) – but for those for whom it works, the 300 milligrams of anti-depressant X has become 50 milligrams. The two beers I had last night (not really, I don’t drink beer) that were really two things that are legal in Boston Toronto & California but not New Jersey, Arkansas or Texas act as 20! And so on. You’ll find your “psyche songs” for sex, for sports, for being what we Americans do best: watch each other.

Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music lhwv
Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music lhwv
Heart - ALONE - bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 2
Heart – ALONE – bpm tempo graphic -speed of renewal meanspeed music 2