Van Halen – “JUMP” – A Meanspeed® Free School Analysis with speed measurements, contemporary tempo maps in 2 & 3 dimensions, videos.

The year the song “Jump” was popular was the first year I to drive.  At the time I was addicted to the ABC® dramatic series called ALL MY CHILDREN (“AMC”). Many who were in that cast are still thriving actors.

For me the man for whom I have the most respect is Peter Bergman. At the time, the plot of AMC featured Peter as Dr. Clifford Warner, the young husband of heiress the blond and gorgeous Taylor Miller as Nina Courtland. Peter Cooney who still portrays Business magnate Palmer Courtland, the most fun character I ever disliked knowing that it was all “just” a “soap opera.”
These were the days of Greg Nelson and Jenny Gardner (Laurence Lau and Kim Delaney), Liza Colby (Marcy Walker), Liza’s best friend Amanda (Amanda Bearse), Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter (Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan) and a now-grown-up Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight), who was now legally Ruth and Joe’s son, enter the scene.

Lesley Wilson who played Dr. Langley Wallingford was a customer during a year in which I was retail man in Manhattan. To coin a phrase: I have never met a kinder man. When I said “My friends and I would eat lunch in high school sitting around the television, you were such a favorite that a best friend when earned the nickname “Langley.” It definitely was not my brother who does not do translations at the United Nations, or , a bold multi-world traveler for a good photo as B.B. King said about same brother , “You mean, you took these photos for the Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhn? The Yuuuuuuniiiiited Naaaaaaaaations!” Followed by a B.B. (only in New York) pregnant pause that I could never time. Another photo. Another: “The U.N. [Indefinable pregnant pause]…the United Nations!” Heck, it was my birthday and B.B. was there to please his clientele.

Lest I digress: One day my brothers and a friend of mine decided to go see all the actors on All my Children which filmed when  in Manhattan in a building which is now replaced by a gentrified building, and described with gutsy, bold emotion by Pete Bergman in last year Soap Opera Digest®, which goes well in the bathroom along with Newsweek,® Time® , and, yup, the CBS® Soaps In Depth™.

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_meanspeed_school 1121

Peter, who played squeaky clean Cliff Warner now plays the Angel on the right shoulder, Devil on the left shoulder business magnate and family patriarch of the Abbott family of television’s best drama, The Young And The Restless®. Night television is now dominated by Reality and Comedies, with American Idol®, or FOX®, Survivor® of CBS®, The Office® originally written by Ricky Gervais of the BBC® of ABC®, and last and best and for sure the most brazen 30 Rock® of NBC®. Peter talks about passing his old digs at ABC® – the days when he was the “good solid doctor” only to see that the demolished building, destroyed only the day before his visit.


tempo_catalog_screen_shot_Jump_Van_Halen 2

I think he was only in New York for the Daytime Emmy® Awards, and he turned to his wife and said: “It’s true what they say. You can never go home again.” Was that too much information about my family reading material’s locale? My email box is quiet on the most active among you. Don’t worry, I won’t blow your cover!

Ok: My high school friend was so exuberant about seeing the cast, especially Jenny and Nina that at a stoplight at 4:30 AM, as these actors show up at 5 AM an d leave in the night

The thing I remember the most about that day was the friend in the car psyching the rest of us up at 4:30 by getting out of the car on a dead street on a long red light as JUMP was blaring from my car. “George Parks” got out of the car and did a David Lee Roth meets George Bush 43 as his cheerleading days at Yale. George made the day – Tad was cool, he was wearing a radio Walkman™ before anyone thought it “stylish,” the actor who played Erica Cane

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_meanspeed_school_0419

played by the dazzling lovely Susan Lucci , & the character BRANDON KINGSLEY was cordial. Mainly: it was Jump.

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_0121

The song just fit the times, just like Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day defined its times and the way Halloween, especially the live GORGE version, a known John Edward’s favorite according to a source close to the Kerry 2012 camp, by the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND defined Clinton’s times, the way Let’s Roll dominated Bush 43’s early years and the way that U2 played on the Lincoln Memorial after racism by law and in fact had been stamped out, from the law, singing IN THE NAME OF LOVE. Frankly when, James Manning-san and I thought Bono’s relaxation upon the monument was disrespectful. Then I reminded myself: he’s celebrating freedom.

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_meanspeed_school 2628

And of course Harold Loomis who, with Every Breath You Take in the background had kidnapped everyone’s secret crush, I know she was mine: Brooke English as portrayed by Julia Barr! My Harold Loomis Halloween costume.

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_meanspeed_school 26282

Halloween, I’m late, I know. I saw the Jets play live, so please understand.

Speed-Space tempo graph - JUMP - Van_Halen_meanspeed_school 1121

Meanspeed/Spencer/Carlton Summary
Song title=Jump
Performer=Van Halen
Bit Rate=128 kbps
Sample Rate=44.100 kHz
File type=Protected AAC audio file
File extension=M4P
Intellectual Property=(p) Warner Brothers, Incorporated
Profile=Low Complexity
Fair Play Version=2
Genre according to iTunes® by Apple®=’Rock’
Composer=Edward Van Halen & David Lee Roth
Arithmetic mean speed / average expected tempo =130.0 beats per minute, 0.4615 seconds per beat
Whole note=1.85 seconds
Tempo surveying and chart synthesis=Meanspeed® Free School

/Ian Andrew Schneider/
Meanspeed® Free School
November 2, 2009