Lamb Lies Down On Broadway into Musical Box, live, Seconds Out: DECLASSIFIED Tempo Maps. All time measurement, tempo graphic synthesis and calibrations by the St. James School of New Jersey with videos by meanspeed® music. Is GENESIS the most underrated band over the last 35 years?


The Band made up of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, and Chester Thompson played two songs as a medley on the live album SECONDS OUT.  The tempo maps of “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” leads into a track called “The Musical Box [closing section].”  To my knowledge the only place (I know, you don’t NED it, who cares, why do I do it, do I have too much “time” on my hands – to you people – I suggest you just leave) accurate tempo measurements of this medley is only available here.  In all likelihood, nop oen has seen what is really going on in regard to timing and speed in these songs that so many thousands have etched forever i their (our!) brain.



I thank all the members of Genesis for their music which sounds as fresh today as the night this was played and recorded: thirty-two years ago!  Rock on Phil, Peter, Tony, Chester, Steve, Mike – and you too Darryl!  In my opinion, the album Seconds Out is the best popular music recording ever made.  I say that to let you know my biases: the last sentence was OPINION.  Strong one though.In Supper’s Ready (written by Peter Gabriel) has an ending called “as sure as eggs is eggs” which, to me, is music at its peak, in every way.

St. James-Spencer Tempo Summary

size=11.5 MB
album=Seconds Out

composer=Peter Gabriel


sound source=GENESIS, live, 1973-2007
KInd=MPEG audio file
Bit Rate=320 kbps

Sample Rate=44.100 kHz
Format=MPEG-1 Layer 3
Encoding=iTunes 9.0.2
recording type=MP3
beats per trial=1,106
arithmetic mean speed/average expected tempo=134.6 beats per minute
average beat=~0.446 seconds

individual to each for the songs
song=The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
size=11.5 MB
song=The Musical Box [closing section]
size=7.6 MB



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