MISSISSIPPI MASS CHOIR – “Amazing Grace”- favored by Chad “@choinco” OchocincoChad Ochocinco – Average BPM=100 1/5 BPM, the Universal Speed of Sexual Climax

On twitter the fine wide receiver, Star of the television program “The Ultimate Catch”. @OGochoCinco a/k/a Chad Ochocinco _ This waltz time of 100 1/5 beats per minute indicates the speed of the natural truth.

Is it because Chad is associated with his 38 million dollar hands that I call 100.1 BPM “the Universal Speed of Sexual Climax”?  No, my mom would kill me if I joked about this – anyone who knows me knows this as true.  Rather, where until 2004 it was considered by the medical community and the science community in general axiomatic that the ONLY rhythm of ANY part of the body of a man or a woman during sex that is predictable was the speed of climax, insofar as spasms of the genitals and pelvic area in general was the same.  People used to think this because of the work of Masters & Johnson.  Turns out: this is EXACTLY CORRECT.  However, during such time as Masters & Johnson measured the speeds, instruments for finding same were, as Dr. Masters personally told me, were  too crude to know if the accepted 1/2 century 800 milliseconds or 75 beats, or orgasmic spasms, per minute, specifically 6 to 7 and then a few more, slowing down then to a stop.  The German scientists after the century went to more precise work on this and validated every element of Masters’ work.  However, with the body measurement technology, it was determined  through experiments that the orgasmic contractions were in fact a universal 100 beats per minute.

Amazing Grace/Why We Don't Rap - MIssissippi Mass Choir - bpm scan by meanspeed music
Amazing Grace/Why We Don’t Rap – Mississippi Mass Choir – bpm scan by meanspeed music

I am NOT suggesting that Amazing Grace is being sung intentionally, at least in this song (!) as expressing sexuality.  Every piece of music has thousands if not millions of elements.  In this song, such as, the syncopated waltz time, the African-American choir tones, the melody, the harmony are all FAR more important than the tempo.  Tempo is to a song as the weather report is to the news.  So: you stop and think, sometimes a waltz piece can be as The Skater’s Waltz or Happy Birthday or an especially quick version of the Merry Widow’s Waltz.  As far as weather?  I am about to go see the Somerset Patriots play against the Southern Maryland Bluecrabs: last night, the temperature was 72 degrees, a non factor.  TODAY?  Over 90 degrees!  So as you can see, or feel: sometime the tempo is all you want to know from the news.

I picked the song and the YouTube clip as a direct recommendation of Chad.  Requests are starting to come in to meanspeed® music nonprofit music education, as more people realize that in this wildly changing economy that school programs for music for students is considered “nonessential” – so Juliette Lewis‘ favored Life In The Fast Lane comes next – and you????  Please keep the requests coming.


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