Sting’s Tempo Operations – MAD ABOUT YOU – 84 4/5 beats per minute – Breaking It Down, Building It Back, Watching The Video.

cotemporary tempo map by the New Jersey Free School. © 2008. All Rights Reserved by Meanspeed® Music Nonprofit Company

Sting, formerly known as Gordon Sumner, wrote, performed, played bass and sang on

a haunting song know as Mad About You.


I went on a search for the PRECISE tempo map of the song, not a number some site that I won’t name wanted to [REDACTED], but decided to just blame their sloppy work of ‘volume volume volume.’


Of songs. This is a theory to use and the list of songs used to illustrate the feel of a sped are vastly LIMITED.  Once you have 615K+ songs, almost none of which you measured yourself, you have a football field pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Yeah, they all taste ok, but not much there in the way of something you couldn’t have made in your kitchen without coming on to a football field of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for.  The songs on this site are kept UNDER 1,000 visible at any time.  All the speeds were measured and vouched for here.  And if you knew the programs and labor intensive and, frankly, repetitively dull nature of the work of meanspeed® music, you might come here to find something that doesn’t have a loose number based on flawed algorithms backing it up.

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Which is not to say: that’s great site!  We are just completely opposite in aim.  If you want a speed of song on he fly and you aren’t very precise, a musical slob, that’s a good place to go.  This is more of  music snob or geek site, which “is what it is.”

Meanspeed®-Spencer Publications Song Summary

File Kind=MPEG-1, Layer 3


ID 3 Tag=v2.2

file extension=mp3

File Size=9MB

Bit rate=32- kbps

sample=44.1– kHz

median expected tempo=84.8 beats per minute

average beat=~0.704 seconds

most inter(sting) rhyme=I have never in my life, felt more alone than I do now.

And though I hold opinions over all I SEE,

It means nothing to ME,

There are no victories

in all our histories

Without love! – written by Sting, for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY (so you see a profit motive here?  That was a joke on me!  No, no money for me.  Just peace of mind for You – and me – if I wasn’t fascinated by the power of speed I’d be taking my dog for a walk.

cotemporary tempo map by the New Jersey Free School. © 2008. All Rights Reserved by Meanspeed® Music Nonprofit Company
STEELY DAN- the boston rag - contemporary tempo map by the NJ FREE SCHOOL / @NJFreeSchool

This is though, they’re mad about themselves, I’m Mad About YOU.  The really smart ones of you reading this – you are not going to pass this on – the secret patterns are too clever.  I know who y’all are and you IP numbers are not even looked at – I see enough numbers n a day.  CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN though: love you guys!


Jackson Malcolm Winters

Meanspeed® Music Speed Surveyors

Princeton, N.J.

United States

July 14, 2001


This is what I had found when I looked for tempo maps as seen above.  My hat off to Google!

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