President Obama’s Ease & Balance – Explained in His Growing Up With “Both Sides” Then [the 1960s-70s]? JUDY COLLINS: LEGAL Still Tempo Maps, Ann Dunham and Michelle Robinson Showing Barack deserves, is ready for, looking forward to: RE-ELECTION! measurements, © 2012, meanspeed® music. Distribute freely!

President Barack Obama, in my opinion, has grown into the visionary leader he is by living both sides,


the white and the [“colored”].  The country finally is getting its respect back as Mr. Obama works tirelessly:

1) not to blame the international and economic fiasco he was handed in every possible way on those that allowed it;

2) In not wasting time in playing blame games, the calm, cool, educated, teaching the nation by his own and the first family in general a fearless example of a Presidency set a course to make himself the best in United States history. The power to lead is the power to destroy.  The power to lead is conversely to power to *create community*.  Republicans can be a jealous of Secretary Clinton as they want, but they run on this very issue: it DOES take a village.  Where would the 1% be without our their golf and country clubs – oops I was living in a fantasy world for a moment – how unlike me!  Plus I got to use the crossout feature online for the first time since May 2005.


This aspect of Mr. Obama’s upbringing, as influenced by the two most important women in his life.  First, his mother, Ann Dunham who provided a meticulous education which began with the significant discipline of waking each day at 4 AM to study the basics on index cards to know the lesson once at school.  This allowed the young “Barry” to extend the horizon of what others has seen before.

Michelle Obama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I ask you to ask yourself: if your mom was a [white] woman from Illinois and your dad was a [black] man from Africa, throwing the obscenely irrelevant issue of the longitude or latitude of when the late Ms. Dunham gave birth, would you be inclined to run for and serve as the Commander In Chief of the United States?  Me neither.

The whole issue reminds me of the song by Judy Collins, a noted New York City fixture in Carnegie Hill: Joni MItchell’s BOTH SIDES NOW.  I had the wish, as my websites show, to know exactly how fast the song was – as I was grooving on Judy – and I wanted to create a loop in my iTunes player for mood uplifting reasons.  If you are reading this far – I know you do this, and if you don’t, try it and if you have any problems don’t hesitate to write me at – I am lucky to pass on good news.

I went on the internet to find what the exact tempo of the song was – I could not find any type of objective or even guessed at real number or speed, as one would find on a metronome, anywhere.  Below my signature is the list of sites that were secondary the clear thing I was looking for – the exact speed of the song.

“Clouds” has inspired essays full of adjectives, synonyms and shared meaning elements.  Objectively the recording was measured as

meanspeed®-Carlton Speed Summary

Barack_Obama_Grew_Up_with_BOTH_SIDES_NOW-re-elect-thePresidet =tempo=chart-Judy Collins-Both Sides Now
Barack_Obama_Grew_Up_with_BOTH_SIDES_NOW-re-elect-thePresidet =tempo=chart-Judy Collins-Both Sides Now

File Kind=AAC audio file

Size=7.5 MB

Bit Rate=256 kbps


Sample Rate=44.100 kHz

Volume=-3.2 dB




average time per beat=~0.49342 seconds

corresponding tonal frequency=518.8 Hertz

median expected tempo/meanspeed=121.6 beats per minute

file type=mp3

I thereby took it upon myself to map the tempo out myself.

Songs within 1% of the speed of Both Sides Now

Cover Me, Bruce Springsteen

Papa Was A Rolling Stone, The Temptations

Some Kind Of Wonderful, The Drifters

Stuck With You, Huey Lewis and the News

Bad Girls, Donna Summer

Louie, Louie, John Belushi in ‘Animal House’

Thanks, as always, for your time!

Ian Andrew Schneider

meanspeed® music therapy

March 12, 2012

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