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The Young and and Restless Friday, March 23, 2012

Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garma-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-Eric-Braeden
Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garm-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-Eric-Braeden

1/Katherine Chancellor-Murphy, “The Duchess”/Chancellor Industries®/Jeanne Cooper
2/Michael Baldwin, Esq./Attorney At Law/Christian Jules Le Blanc
3/Daniel Romalotti, Jr. Junior/artist/Daniel Graziadei
5/Chloe Valentine-Mitchell-Abbott/Restless Style®
/Elizabeth Hendrickson

6/Gloria Fisher Abbott-Bardwell-Bardwell/Gloworm®/Judith Chapmam
7/Tucker Mcall/McCall Unlimited®/Stephen Nichols
8/Angelo Veneziano/loan shark/Mike Starr

Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garma-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-sepia-Billy-Miller-Peter-Bergman
Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garmo-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-sepia-Billy-Miller-Peter-Bergman

8/Jeffrey Bardwell/Gloworm®/Ted Shackelford
9/Victor Christian Newman/Newman Enterprises®/Eric Braeden
9/Angelina Venezianox/Fisher/singer/De Garmo
11/Nikki Reed-Newman-Abbott-Chow-Newman/Melody Thomas Scott
12/Devon Hamilton-Winters/Hamilton-Winters Recording Co.®/Bryton E. James
13/Kevin Fisher/Crimson Lights®/ Greg Rikaart

Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garma-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-NJ-street
Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garmo-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map-NJ-street


Total = 5

Nicholas “Nick” Newman/human Enterprises®/Joshua Morrow

Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garma-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map+Stephen-Nichols
Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garmo-no_mp3_lyrics-illegal-tempo-still map+Stephen-Nichols

“that daughter of yours – she’s got some serious pipes” – Tucker McCall to Angelo Veneziano

“The changes that you made it is reading like it’s a breakup song – Did something happened you guys?” -Devon Hamilton Winters

TuckerMcCall: “You have love,loss, heartache, regret – what do you say we go more country with it?” –
Devon: “I was just thinking the exact same thing –”
Tucker: “Yeah?”
Devon: “I lreally was”
Angelina “I love country music –
Devon: “great, I’ll talk to the musicians then. I think all we have to do is we have to tweak the arrangement a little bit, the tempo of the song should be fine as is” Tucker “yeah – What about instrumentation?”
Devon: “we could lay down some tracks of slide guitar, and maybe some cello might work? But that’s after-the-fact right?”
Tucker: “you’re reading my mind…”


Angelina: ever since I saw Dolly Parton on TV with the hair and the nails and the big – I have dreamt of being on the stage like her. She’s so fabulous!”
Tucker “well darling, this song might get you there.”
Devon: “just make sure you pour your heart out when you sing it”
Angelina: “yeah, that won’t be a problem.”

Meanspeed-Carlton Speed Summary

song title=”Good Goodbye”

performer=Diana De Garmo, playing ‘Angelina Veneziano’ on The Young And The Restless® by SONY®/CBS/®/Bell®

average measure=2.6099284 seconds

average beat=652.5 milliseconds

median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=92.0 beats per minute

corresponding tonal frequency=392.53 Hertz

Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garmo-no_mp3_lyrics-ilegal-tempo-still map
Good_Goodbye_Diana_De_Garmo-no_mp3_lyrics-ilegal-tempo-still map

Size=7.1 MB



Profile=Low Complexity


Seller=iTunes® by Apple®

Intellectual Property=Mailboat Records® 2012

Bit Rate=258 kbps

Sample rate=44.100 kHz

File Type=purchased AAC audio file

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