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Yesterday Google was kind enough to make it “Free Song Of The Day” BAKER STREET by Gerry Rafferty.  I looked as far as I could for an exact tempo line for this song but could not find one, thus I made my own.


Meanspeed®-Carlton Frequency Measurements
median expected tempo/mean speed=113.0 beat per minute
average beat as quarter note=530.95 milliseconds
Vibration as tone=482.15 Hertz

This has been said in the public domain about he elements of “Baker Street: and the man Gerry Rafferty himself, highlighted from

Finally, in 1978, Rafferty was free to record again, and he signed to United Artists Records. That year, he cut City to City, a melodic yet strangely enigmatic album that topped the charts in America, put there by the success of the song “Baker Street.” The song itself was a masterpiece of pop production, Rafferty’s Paul McCartney-like vocals carrying a haunting central melody with a mysterious and yearning lyric, backed by a quietly thumping bass, tinkling celeste, and understated keyboard ornamentation, and then Raphael Ravenscroft‘s sax, which you got a taste of in the opening bars, rises up behind some heavily amplified electric guitars. It was sophisticated ’70s pop/rock at its best (and better yet, it wasn’t disco!) and it dominated the airwaves for months in 1978, narrowly missing the number one spot in England but selling millions of copies and taking up hundreds of cumulative hours of radio time…



Love and Good Night,
Ian Andrew Schneider
Meanspeed® Music Therapy
September 4, 2012

songs within 1-2% of the bpm of Baker Street =

Under Pressure, Queen and David Bowie
Chuck E’s In Love, Rickie Lee Jones
California Dreaming, The Mama’s & The Papa’s
Green Earrings, Steely Dan
The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Joe Jackson