“Always On Your Side,” Sting and Sheryl Crow – legal modern tempo maps for public use – kind Sting/Sheryl video link

English: Sheryl Crow performing at the Midwest...
English: Sheryl Crow performing at the Midwestern Inaugural Ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



#np “Always On Your Side,” Sting and Sheryl Crow is a song the fabulous Ms Criw wrote during the end of her relationship with “I’m Land F****** Armstrong”[!] This song is one of the sweetest I’ve ever heard in the realm of, “man, I cannot believe I never heard this before!”

At a confident 70 beats per minute, this song sounds like a perfect Christmas I Love You song: to me!  I have a feeling that may not have been Ms. Crow’s message but: she’d be happy I BUY all my music.  Why?  Not just because I’m a lawyer and losing a 26 year license over downloading “If It Makes You Happy”?  Is that worth the risk?  Heck no.

Second and with more import and truth: as a musician myself and a man who has a brother in law deep in the music industry: nothing comes free! The bad music now is a result of a generation of musicians who never got paid thus no good music was ever made, some say, me being one.  Me TT told me when I was 17: “If you ever think about any kind of career in music NEVER steal.  NEVER tape someone’s album’s (I’m old – It was 2 years before the 1st CD player) and not pay.

So love to you Sting and Sheryl.  I think I bought his song for 4 friends. Apple knows!

Peace on earth, respect all things, treat yourself well


The end started with beauty.  But don’t all romances?

Contemporary tempo graph - ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE
modern tempo map – Always On Your Side


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February 7, 2013