Natalie Merchant

Cover of "Wonder [ENHANCED CD]"
Cover of Wonder [ENHANCED CD]

Natalie Merchant


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John Lynch

November 18, 2013

The Silverman School

I still tear up some when I listen to this song. Tears of joy…

This song I have dedicated this to my niece Claire Jordan Legacy..She was born with down syndrome and if I could get this beautiful singer to meet my beautful niece I just know she would fall rt in love with her.she is 9 months old..she will be 1 January 12th 2014.I just wanna thank u for being so kind to the children witb special needs and u r an inspiration as our claire inspires our family everyday. .I am Stacy Legacy Claires aunt and I have never been so proud of someone as I am her and this

I love you so much

Happy Birthday Natalie. 50 isn’t even a halfway point for you, and God knows you will be an inspiration to us all for the next 60. 😀 This is an awe inspiring song with an incredible story behind it, from a magical human being. I’m proud to be the same species… Just amazing!

Natalie is truly a wonder!

She is an awesome woman in every since of the word. Her music touches place in my soul I didn’t know I had. Peace and love Natalie. We love you.