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Boston-More_Than_A_Feeling-tempo-graph-meanspeed-map copy
Boston-More_Than_A_Feeling-tempo-graph-meanspeed-map copy

Meanspeed-Carlton Speed Summary

Song=More Than A Feeling

composer=Tom Scholz
Kind=MPEG audio file
Size+8.8 MB
Bit Rate= 256 kbps
Format=MPEG Layer 3
Channels=Joint stereo
ID3 tag=v2.3
File extension=mp3
average quarter/beat=552 milliseconds
mean speed/median expected tempo=108.7 beats per minute
Tom Scholz live with Boston 13 June 2008 Hinck...
Tom Scholz live with Boston 13 June 2008 Hinckley, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

Louise Houle

2 months ago

I get so turned on when I hear this song. It has everything.


…RIP, Barry!!..and thanks!…

SGPFI sm3 months ago

wow…child in the seventies..this really brings me back..thanks!..and Peace!…

Waking you all up with some classic rock

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Lady gaga is just the ringleader xD

More Than A Feeling – Boston
#MisheardLyrics #MusicBomb

“I see Maid Marian walking away”I think my, er, that person thought this song was somehow about Robin hood. You should’ve heard what she told me “Lucy in the Sky” was about

Alex Barajas via Google+

2 years ago


this band played when my dad was a teen and he loved it and now i do to!!! BOSTON forever

Man I love this amazing song!


Those 15 people have a right to their opinion but i strongly disagree with them.

@BoosterTerrick1 And no, I insult people openly because I’m a drunk. And if you said what you just did in front of me, you would have a fist in your face right now.

Tubing down the Colorado River, stereo , beer, and thinking of my Mary Ann………………


@zeblanc I’m not wounded. I’m just saying you’re a dipshit for having a narrow mind and calling any music gay.

this song should be reinstated in the 500 greatest songs of all time it should never been dropped

Reminds me of someone I reallty deeply loved and lost witnin an instant! Love this song!

RIP Brad Delp….one of the best bands ever!!!

boston is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ProEdit7x you respect 8 justin bieber fans

@porgiamor I’m assuming Rolling Stone magazine? haha rollingstone fucking blows hardcore.

Happy 64th birthday to Fran Sheehan, bass player with Boston into the early 80’s

haha this reminds me of The Men who Stare at Goats

me likey i will soon know how to play it on bass!!

North,south,central,caribean islands…??

My all time favourite song.

so many people have come and gone… their faces fade as they years go by…

@jair333 Or maybe they just like other things.


Those who dislike pls don’t watch

***********SMILE GUYS!!!!!!***********

Boston is the best! I never get tired of listening to their music! Never!

great SONG !!!

oh such a sad day……………

@BoosterTerrick1 You’re not stating an ‘opinion’. You’re saying what is to be, in your fucked up point of view, a ‘fact of life’. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I hope you can turn a retard into a genius. I hope you can make an idiot savant to be good at something other than his only skill. Are you trying to act the part of “god”? What makes your opinions better than everyone else’s? I like techno. I like gothic industrial music. I like progressive metal. And NOTHING will change that

what 20 and 30 year olds do you know that listen to Justin Bieber?

RIP to one of the best voices in music ever, Brad Delp

awesome video and really good song too

How many copies has this sold to date?

nine people must have missed the button for the new justina believer “music” video

I was fortunate enough to date Maryanns roomate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not kidding True story! And yes they both are still beautiful!!!!!!!!!

You know Cobain ripped this off for Smells Like Teen Spirit

finally one with good quality i can download

Esta canción es la leche.

@TheHockeyKIDD they just missed the like button….

@DrunkenWaffle Lol I’m not going to argue with a wounded (for nothing) woman. It’s the greatest non-sense on earth. Farewell.

beautiful song who doesn’t like it don’y no s… about good music

Is there always “one that got away”? If so, this is the song for that bittersweet memory…

Original drummer Sib Hashain did some drumwork for Donnie Iris.

@ProEdit7x Exactly. other things constitue as “Deppresive Gay music”

everybody is free to like it or not! if you like the video, enjoy it and stop complaining about other people’s choices! Bye.

@ProEdit7x FYI I wasn’t being serious

@friskysquirt physical is better than verbal because when you call the bully names they just laugh

@BoosterTerrick1 And the way you describe something as being good or bad is nothing more than an opinion. ‘good’ is a word used to describe something you like, but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, what we see as good or bad is just an illusion created by our minds. There is no good/bad. There’s only opinions. If you’re arguing about the technical aspects of music, then you don’t understand the point of music AT ALL. And that’s my own personal opinion.

@ProEdit7x All good now? Did you get your daily dose of “let’s insult somebody over the Internet ’cause I can hide behind the screen”? Back to the subject: Yes, people can be taught to control what they like. Mankind is not just a bunch of animals ruled by instinct…but it would take too long to explain it in this forum. I have noticed, however, that you seem to be a person who believes that people can’t control their actions, either, because of the way you reacted to my differing opinion.

You are such a big part of my life!

8 people have different tastes in music, and I respect that.

I remember this song, going into junior high, trying to sing along with him! (ha!)

@rockyracune That comment is pre —- eminence pre –eminence!

Beautiful song ….fantastic group …MITICI BOSTON ! l’italia vi ama .

how sweet the guitar…

5 ppl need to be educated in music! This song rocks!

@XaaPoo Maybe, I don’t know this Jimmy Hendrix you’re talking about. Actually, there’s a solo guitarist named Jimi Hendrix who does great stuff, but, he’s alone (or with two musicians, it depends), he’s not a part of a band, and, his music is completely different than Boston, so I wont compare them ’cause it will be silly.

@shannonkuratli I’ve lost count of the times I’ve grabbed a mic substitute, tossed my head back and wailed “I closed my eyes and I slipped awaaaaaaaay!!!!” It just doesn’t get much better

The song contains one of the greatest endings of any Rock song. The song itself is a Rock-prayer; and what a great, emotionally-charged conclusion to a classic Rock song! I mean, my God, the ending is absolutely riveting. The sung word “AWAAAAAAAAAAAY…” is held in the air forever, as the blistering guitar just grinds away into the sunset. The song is pure male pathos; pure male magic. Every man in America knows that feeling – that bittersweet feeling of having lost a good woman.

Who is Marianne?

im 19 and i grew up listening to music like this. I have the gold CD from Boston. I love this kind of music. How 15 people dont like this idk. Has to be stupid 8-13 year olds who prefer the sound of auto tune.

Boston ROCKS! I used to pull out my vinyl album and do housework to this.

@zeblanc Hey! “wounded (for nothing) woman”? Careful now, woman is not an insult. Call him a slug or something.

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone, hell yeah! awsome song!

people say that theres better songs, solo’s so on… idk if its just me but this is my favourite solo, like if it yours too ? 🙂

fantastic song rip brad great voice great song

@BoosterTerrick1 Some people are chubby chasers. A lot of people think fat chicks are disgusting. MOST people think fat women or men are disgusting, but some people actually prefer it. If you’re telling me you can control what you like… Then all offense given, you’re fucking stupid. A lot of people who like Justin Beiber are children. Let them have some fucking fun. They’re too young to understand music like this. And you should be old enough to understand that. PS: You’re a fucking moron.

@TheObjecter Don’t swear it’s rude

uplifting …epic.

@MrAnarchist17 I think Cobain more or less admitted it.

I was like 9 when this song came out. I still get chills when I hear it. The lyrics make total sense to me now…..people coming and going…..lost love, etc.

the guitarist is the best

i’m 15 and, to be honest.. this is an amazing song! as are many others from the 70’s.