Misty Copeland and Yo-Yo Ma on The Late Show w Stephen Colbert | meanspeed®-matherton harmonic tempo map | Clip


Last night, October 5, 2015, was the 20th show featuring Stephen Colbert on the Late Show on CBS® television.

Yo-Yo Ma celebrated his 60th birthday by playing with Colbert’s band. The FIRST African-American principal dancer of the American ballet Theater, the fabulously great Misty Copeland then stole the show!

Featuring Ma accompanying Misty Copeland performing to Bach’s Cello Suite Number two in D minor was a Colbert move of cleverness that eve Stephen himself cannot believe: classy, graceful, accomplished, humble. TALENTED guests with the help of CBS.

A Meanspeed®-Matherton map of the harmonic tempo is freely downloadable. The clip of the performance is courtesy of two amazing companies: YouTube® and WordPress®, who offer *phenomenal services* without asking for a *dime*. Gotta admit, it is a phenomenal public service to allow me to write about a tiny niche of music: precise speed measurement with metrics that are continuous, contiguous, complete.

Most of all I thank anybody who has read this far, and anyone who can understand what the Newman Standard Tempo Scale is all about.

Dana Matherton

October 6. 2015