Seven Perfomances Compared by tempo | Phil Collins, “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” | Theme to the Jeff Bridges + Rachel Ward movie of the same name

Phil Collins once said he “[wishes I had never wrote that song].”


This is because like any other performer’s signature song, they aren’t going to get out of a concert venue without playing it!  The Miracles, for example, once tried to leave the stage with leader Smokey “Smoking!” Robinson without playing their signature hit of the day, MY GIRL.  It was so chaotic at the hotel room of the band all night after an almost impossible trip outside the venue, that song was never skipped again.

So these 7 performances represent an afternoon’s rehearsal – one can imagine loving a song to the point that though one wrote it, they are sick of it.


Paul McCartney stays out of this [trap] by never rehearsing a song on the day it is to be played so that it has that fresh first take.

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Ian A Schneider

October 3, 2011

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