‘One Of The Finest Cubans Money Can Buy’ | #BB Soap Box Score Ep aired 3/9/2016

The-Bold-And-The Beautiful-Wednesday-March-9-2016On Wednesday, March 9 the Bold and the Beautiful® the actress Lindsay Godfrey playing Caroline Spencer Forrester Forrester broke new ground on daytime TV as a water birth (or re-creation thereof!) shown with a Duma & her midwife delivering Caroline’s baby from the bottom and behind her body.  Graphic? No, everything was covered and tasteful.  We all saw a new way to deliver the gorgeous baby.

The amazing John”Johnny” [sp] Mathis sings about the best thing in life.



While Forrester family and the Spencer family were gathered downstairs at Forrester Manor, two groups of people existed: those who assumed that the beautiful new babi father was Ridge Forrester and other people who knew that Ridge Forester might not be able to father a child.

above – Published on Nov 24, 2015

Videography of this birth done by the very talented Vannessa Brown of Edmonton, Alberta (http://vannessabrown.com/).
Watch the inspiring birth of Violet, delivered by one of our film’s creators! We are so excited that her birth is moving women from all across the world to celebrate the beauty of childbirth! We’re also excited to announce that you can now rent our film. Visit: http://www.birthingbabies.ca to watch the trailer and rent “A Mother Is Born!!”

Years ago, according to Brooke Logan Forrester and Ridge himself, Ridge decided to have a vasectomy to free up his sex life with Brooke Logan Marone´Forrester-Forrester-Forrester. In addition, “Dollar” Bill Spencer, chairman and CEO of SPENCER PUBLICATIONS® instructed his lawyer, who is an accountant, and is also a helicopter pilot called Justin Barber, Esq., MBA, CPA. Over the Mediterranean Sea, Justin demonically yet with expert technique tipped the helicopter, and while he and his boss Dollar bill Spencer were secured in their safety belts, an unsecured Ridge fell out of the Spencer copter and landed out of thousand feet below in the Red Sea. That fall destroyed any  attempt at undoing the vasectomy reversed.