The Fifth Beatle, Mr William “Billy” Preston asks Will It Go Round In Circles? Frequency metrics, contemporary tempo maps

Billy “William” Preston is the late ‘Fifth Beatle.’  Or is he? His piano and keyboard playing seem to fly out of a natural talent. I don’t know how much Bill practiced but he makes the very difficult sound too easy, as any of we piano players who have tried playing it have found out.

timing graph - Billy Preston
Will It Go Round In Circles – timing graph


Absolutely the most blown-out keyboard effort, look at all those keys !

Billy Preston - The timing of the Fifth Beatle
Will It Go Round In Circles – Will Mr. Cheney Stop Going Around In Circles? – Just kidding, Dick
Will It Go Round In Circles - contemporay timing chart
contemporary timing chart



revised and extended,

April 11, 2016