The Walk-Up Song For the Atlantic League’s Best Outfielder Award 2015: Aharon Eggleston, rae sremmurd’s NO TYPE | How fast is it? Is the tempo mapped? What is in in for me?


Every batter is permitted a “walk-up” song in baseball.  One of Aharon’s son’s favorite songs was NO TYPE.  What goes though Aharon’s head when this is playing?  That’s his business – that’s part of the psychological game of baseball, the ULTIMATE part of baseball: the confidence of the hitter versus that of the pitcher.  This song may near nothing at all.  The words and chord structure is very interesting, and as a Patriots fan I have always liked this song as a psyche walk-up,  I had to study the song on its own to ‘get’ it.

Speed Summary –

median average tempo=62.5 beats per minute

average beat=955 milliseconds

Johnny Cash’ “god’s gonna cut you down” was a fantastic walk-up song for the retired JOSHUA PRESSLEY


help from James “Jim” Deluva

May 4, 2016

thanks to the Patriots, “Eggy”, and the mediator to the fans/musicians, Dr Justin Antweil of WCTCAM radio, the fine media home of the Somerset Patriots – the media home of the best team in New Jersey that calls itself New Jersey – sorry “NEW YORK” Jets, who have played in NJ since 1984, sorry Devils, that’s just a terrible name, can’t root for a team so named, and there’s some team in the NFC that won a couple of championships this millennium, Eli…uh last century, uh, Phil..Lawrence…Carl…OJ Anderson.  I forget the name of that NEW YORK football team that plays in the heart of the beautiful state of New Jersey.