Seals, Crofts, Summers, Breezes: Declassified Sexagesimal Tempo Map (and my new intern)

Seals and Crofts had a hit in the fall of 1972 with the song Summer Breeze.

The volunteeritide [sic] of my nephew Jackson Winters has been a huge benefit. After 3 months of training, he can measure and program. I think the job he did here is good, and with a half note as he has shown, the song in base 60 is 88.39 beats per minute. Perfect! Then again, I did teach him – so there’s that. I’m a little biased. And hoping this shows that teaching people how to program and teach will be fun. No one learns what is not fun. Period.

SUMMER BREEZE - tempo map
seals and crofts SUMMER BREEZE – harmonic tempo map – na15n5- 774-0121

Besides wikipedia I found the most interesting touchy-feely stuff about the song, as usual, on the fabulous®




As usual we pray in New Jersey for the world to stop freaking out.  You are freaking yourselves out, and my nephew is 10 years old.